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Greater Brighton Area Chamber Environmental Council

Greater Brighton Area Chamber Environmental Council
Greater Brighton Area Chamber Environmental Council
The City of Brighton is excited to be a part of the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce's (GBACOC) new Environmental Council.  This new collaboration was discussed at the City Council Study Session on Thursday, August 17.  The Environmental Council was originally an idea presented to the GBACOC a few months back by a Brighton resident looking to form a group to take action on local environmental issues.  This resident’s vision for the community quickly grew into the Greater Brighton Area Chamber Environmental Council (GBACEC), which is comprised of representatives from the City, Chamber, and numerous other organizations.  

Community Development staff explained that the GBACEC is looking to, “educate, encourage, and take action on environmental issues that strengthen the community for future generations.”  The short term goals of the GBACEC include increasing recycling opportunities for businesses and residents and looking into Michigan Green School Certification for the Brighton Area School District as a whole. 

The long term vision of the GBACEC is to, “lead the community in environmental stewardship, education, and awareness while aiming to set a new path for Brighton where the people of the City embrace practice and policies that dramatically reduce the footprint of industry, commerce, and agriculture on the environment for our community and Livingston County.”  The GBACEC would like to help the Brighton community become more “environmentally conscious, economically viable, and sustainable.”   The Environmental Council sees their efforts as an opportunity to enhance the City’s identity and diversify its opportunities.  By highlighting Brighton community values such as conservation, education, and sustainability, the GBACEC hopes to welcome new residents, businesses, and professionals to the area.

City Council was supportive of the GBACEC's vision and encouraged City participation.  Moving forward, a City staff member and a City Councilmember will sit on the GBACEC and will help align the Environmental Council’s vision and goals with those of the City of Brighton.   



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