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Press Releases
Increased Recycling Collection for City Residents
FROM: Dave Blackmar, DPW Director
TO: All City of Brighton Residents
RE: Waste Management Now Offers Increased Recycling Collection

The City of Brighton is very pleased to announce that their refuse collection contractor, Waste Management, has offered City residents an option to place a larger volume of recyclable items to the curb every week.

Residents are now able to use 32-gallon trash cans for recycling in addition to the 16-gallon green recycle container that is currently offered to all residents. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of containers that can be put out for recycling; but each container must not be more than 32-gallons. The 32-gallon cans may be purchased by residents at any store that carries these types of items. Residents should then stop by City Hall or the DPW to pick up “Recycle” stickers to place on the cans so Waste Management personnel know the items in the can are recyclable and not trash. Residents can also call 810.225.8001 if they would like the stickers mailed to them.

As a reminder, Waste Management accepts all types of paper, cardboard, box board, metal containers and #1 through #7 plastic bottles and containers for recycling. The number can be found on the container bottom and lid. No bottles that held motor oil or other toxic fluids can be recycled. Also, no flower flats, pots, Styrofoam or miscellaneous plastic, such as children’s toys, can be placed in the recycle container. Please rinse all containers before putting them in the can.

Also, material can be mixed together in the recycle bin. There is no need to sort the items. It is part of the single-stream recycling program. The material is sorted out later by Waste Management staff and recycled separately. Please visit the City of Brighton’s website at, and select the “Services and Departments” tab, select “”Recycling Yard waste and Composting”, then “Recycling Facts” and click on the New Recycling Guidelines link to view the flyer with all of the recycling information. You can also contact the Department of Public Works at 810.225.8001 with any questions.