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Cemetery Rules and Regulations


PDF Cemetery Rules and Regulations

For a printed version with photos see the above PDF. For general info see below:

Statement of Policy
1.      The Rules and Regulations for Fairview, Brighton Hills and Old Village Cemetery are reviewed and approved by the City of Brighton City Council, to serve as governance for the operations and maintenance functions of the City of Brighton owned Cemeteries.
2.      These Rules and Regulations have been developed in order to maintain the city owned cemeteries in a condition wherein individual solace and memory may be sought, and the memorial intent of those whom care for those interred can be accommodated to a greatest degree possible without unduly disturbing the peaceful and reverent intent of the City of Brighton Cemeteries.
3.      Per the direction of the City of Brighton City Council, these rules and regulations are deemed necessary for the upkeep of the city cemeteries, and are administered on a daily basis by the City’s Cemetery Sexton, under the general supervision and direction of the City of Brighton Department of Public Services Director.
4.      Cemetery patrons whom may have questions or concerns regarding the administration of these rules and regulations as promulgated can contact the City of Brighton Cemetery Sexton at 810-225-8001, or the Department of Public Services Director at 810-225-8001.

A.           Decoration of Lots

Section 1 – Definition – Lot decorations shall be deemed to include all structures, ornaments, plantings, or other embellishments, with the exception of monuments and markers or mausoleums, which are placed on cemetery lots with the intention of improving their appearance.  Because certain types of individual lot decorations are not in harmony with the development of the cemetery as a whole or because they may intensify maintenance problems, the City enforces certain rules regarding the decoration of cemetery lots.
Section 2 – Decoration of Lots in Upright Marker Sections.  The following rules shall be observed with regard to the decoration of cemetery lots in the upright marker sections of the cemeteries:
(a)Fencing of any kind, steps, structures of wood or equally perishable material are prohibited.  Concrete or brick coping, edging, and curbs will be allowed provided they do not exceed the width of the stone or marker and extend no more than two (2) feet out from the front of the stone or marker.  Such area may be used for decoration of the gravesites with landscape materials and/or plantings contained within such boundaries.  If such decoration becomes unsightly by reason of neglect or age, they will be removed without prior notice by the Cemetery Sexton for Fairview and Brighton Hills Cemetery.  No flowers, plantings or other decorations shall be allowed outside of the boundaries as described above without the express written permission of the Cemetery Sexton.  (See attached permission form).

(b)No elevated mounds shall be built over graves and no lot shall be filled above the grade established by the City.
(c)Receptacles for cut flowers will be permitted if installed flush with the surface of the lawn.  The use of glass jars or bottles as receptacles for cut flowers is strictly prohibited.  Artificial flowers made from silk or similar materials will be permitted only as long as properly maintained and confined to receptacles intended for cut flowers.  Such flowers shall be removed without prior notice by the Cemetery Sexton for Fairview and Brighton Hills Cemetery when they become unsightly by reason of neglect or age.
(d)Winter Decorations may be maintained on graves until April 1st.  If such decorations are not removed by April 1st, they shall be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the City Cemetery Sexton after review and approval by the City of Brighton’s Department of Public Services Director.
(e)Urns shall be permitted only if properly installed and maintained next to a given headstone and made of permanent material such as stone, concrete, copper, iron. (Plastic, ceramic, and other temporary material are not allowed and will be removed as of July 1, 2017.Urns are not to be placed in front or in back of subject headstone.  Any urns not in use by June 15th shall be turned over at the gravesite and left for recovery and proper planting and maintenance.  Any urns not recovered and planted/maintained throughout the remainder of the calendar year wherein it was turned over, shall be removed from the gravesite and disposed of the following year on June 15th.
(f)Arches for hanging baskets or eternal lights are allowed provided: 
The arch is of an approved make acceptable to the Cemetery Sexton and does not hang outside of the decoration approved area (i.e. does not hang into the walkway or over another grave location).
The only items acceptable for suspension from the arch are eternal lighting fixtures or hanging baskets for plantings.  If such decoration becomes unsightly by reason of neglect or age, they will be removed without prior notice by the Cemetery Sexton for Fairview and Brighton Hills Cemetery.  The Cemetery Sexton shall remove items other than these specified without prior notice;
Urns shall not be suspended from the arch;
The arch shall be installed by the headstone in such manner as approved by the Cemetery Sexton and so as to not interfere with normal maintenance of the lot;
Non-approved arches or non-approved decorations suspended from the arches shall be removed at the Cemetery Sexton’s discretion without prior notice.
(g)Toys, stuffed or otherwise manufactured or sculptured animals, statues or statuettes, personal items and/or other unsightly objects that interfere with the maintenance of the lot, as per the discretion of the Cemetery Sexton, will not be permitted as grave decorations except as permitted above in subset (a), and shall be removed without prior notice by the Cemetery Sexton for Fairview and Brighton Hills Cemetery. The City is under no obligation to keep  these decorations once removed. If contact information is on file the customer will be contacted and have seven days to remove the items.
(h)Plantings shall be permitted only under supervision of the Cemetery Sexton, and after receiving written permission therefore, plantings placed on a lot without a permit will be removed without notice.
(i)The planting of hedges is strictly prohibited.  Existing hedges will be removed whenever they become unsightly or encroach upon an adjoining lot or path.
(j)The Cemetery Sexton and or cemetery maintenance personnel will remove all flower, trees, and shrubs, which have become unsightly or dangerous.
(k)Memorial Flag holders intended to honor service to the citizens of the United States of America shall be permitted to be sited at a gravesite, at either end of a headstone, or placed within the decorative border as described in subset (a) above.  Such flag holders may commemorate service in the military, military organizations, and service to the public at large, (Police Officers, Firefighters, etc.)  Such flags will be allowed to remain at a gravesite throughout the year, and shall be required to be maintained in good condition by any given organization or person that shall such place a flag in a given holder. 
Flag Holders for decorative flags shall be allowed to remain in place at either end of a
headstone or within the decorative border throughout the year with or without a flag in
The City does not provide the flags or flag holders. Please contact the local Veteran’s   Association for more information.
(l)No deciduous tree or conifer shall be removed or pruned except under the direction and with the consent of the Cemetery Sexton.
(m)Benches of granite material shall be allowed to be donated to Fairview and Brighton Hills Cemetery for placement by the Cemetery Sexton in areas, which will provide for silent reverie and reflection.  Such benches shall be near uniform in appearance and inscriptions shall have the prior approval of the Cemetery Sexton for Fairview and Brighton Hills Cemetery.  No form or type of advertising shall be allowed.  Benches provided by the City of Brighton for such silent reverie and reflection shall be regulated in like manner.
Section 3 – Decoration of Lots in Flush Marker Section.  The following rules shall be observed with regard to the decoration of lots in the flush marker sections of the cemeteries.
(a)No planting shall be made by anyone other than the cemetery employees on flush marker sections.  Such planting as may be installed by cemetery employees will be limited to areas set aside for that purpose.
(b)Cut flowers will be permitted provided they are placed in approved receptacles, installed flush with the lawn surface.
(c)Potted plants will be permitted to remain on lots from May 29th until June 15th.  If left after this date, they will be removed without notice.
(d)No other lot decoration of any description will be permitted on lots in flush marker sections, save for shepherds hooks approved by the Cemetery Sexton or provided for in Section 2(k) above.
B.Location of Markers on a Lot.  Markers shall be placed at the head of grave as platted.  In the upright marker sections, only flush markers will be allowed at graves located on lots in other than a platted grave space.  No marker shall be placed nearer than 4 inches to a lot line.  No more than one marker shall be placed at any one grave.  No marker shall embrace two or more graves except on a two or three grave lot where a double or three-grave marker is permitted.  No marker shall be set unless it is first approved by the City Clerk.
C.Inscriptions on all Markers at the same end of a lot shall read from the same direction. Flush markers with raised letters shall be protected with a raised panel one-inch in width.
  1. Monument and Marker Foundation.  All monuments and markers shall be on a foundation of a depth and size and of a material deemed adequate by the City Clerk.  All foundations shall be installed by cemetery personnel.  Single lot largest marker size is 36”x 18”; double lot largest marker size is 72” x 18”.
  1. Installation of Monuments and Markers.  Those persons engaged in placing monuments and markers shall provide planking adequate to protect turf shall remove materials and equipment immediately upon completion of work.  The site shall be left in a clean, orderly condition.  Markers and monuments will not be permitted to be delivered to lots until a proper order for a foundation installation has been placed with the City Clerk.
  1. Monuments and Markers for Cremains.  Grave markers in the cremains section of the cemetery shall be limited to flush markers only.  Largest foundation marker 8” x 16”.

G.  Mausoleums.

  1. Approval of Plans and Location.  Before work on any private mausoleum is begun, the location and complete plans and specifications shall be approved by the Cemetery Sexton.  Mausoleums may be constructed on suitable sites in any section of a municipal cemetery except those sections designated as flush marker and single grave sections.
  1. Endowment.  Before construction of a mausoleum, a sum of money equal to not less than 15 percent of the estimated cost of such a mausoleum shall be deposited with the City.  Income from investments of this sum shall be used for perpetual maintenance of the mausoleum.
  1. General Requirements.  Interments in crypts shall be made in hermetically sealed caskets.  Duplicate keys for mausoleums shall be left in the care of the City Clerk.
H.  Children’s section: Largest foundation size 10” x 20” – upright markers are allowed

I.    Fairview Cemetery, Section 11 (annex): Flush Markers only 24” x 12”
J.   Cemetery Buyback.  As according to Resolution #96-23, Cemetery Buyback Price Policy (Attachment 7) the City shall buy back the cemetery grave or $175.00 per grave.  If the grave was purchased within the last 90 days this is considered saleable for 75% of the fee paid whether it was the resident or non-resident price paid.
K.  Hold Policy.  Lots may be held for 90 days.  One lot must be purchased within the 90 days period to continue the Hold Policy. There is a limit of four graves on hold and the price of the graves will fluctuate with the current fee schedule regardless of when the grave was put on hold as of March 1, 2017.
 Adopted 2/2017