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Building a higher quality public street system through data-driven prioritization and restricted funding

On the May 7, 2019 ballot, City of Brighton voters will consider a Headlee Override Millage Proposal for Public Street and Related Infrastructure Improvements. 

The Need.

The City of Brighton's public streets are in poor condition and require investment.
Brighton's street system scored 80 out of 100 on a professional assessment, or "poor" with many streets near "failure."

The Cause.

The City’s revenues are not keeping pace with the costs of delivering services, which has led to deferment of investment in capital assets, including the City’s public streets.
Due to state law and the 2008 recession, the City is unable to collect property tax revenues at the same rate that property values increase.

The Plan.

If approved, the City will restrict these funds to the reconstruction and maintenance of public streets and related infrastructure. 
The City will use these restricted funds to complete public street repair and replacement projects, prioritized by available data and annually-updated capital plans. The City will communicate progress consistently and account separately for all investments through a restricted fund, outside of existing general operations. City Council has directed staff to prepare the necessary budget amendments and construction planning for the first two years of road work (shown below) in preparation of a successful May 7, 2019 ballot proposal to be reviewed by City Council on May 16, 2019.