Contact City Hall/DPS

 City Hall  Department of Public Services
 200 North First Street (Google Map)  420 South 3rd Street (Google Map)
 Brighton, MI 48116  Brighton, MI 48116
 Phone: 810-227-1911  Phone: 810-225-8001
 Fax: 810-227-6420  FAx: 810-225-9249

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
City Clerk Tara Brown City Clerk (810)-227-0463
Voter Registration Tara Brown City Clerk (810)-227-0463
Cemetery Tara Brown City Clerk (810)-227-0463
City Manager Nate Geinzer City Manager (810)-225-8022
Human Resources Michelle Miller Human Resources Manager (810)-225-9251
Community Development Mike Caruso Community Development Manager (810)-844-5149
Community Development Kelly Haataja Executive Assistant to Community Development (810)-225-9255
Public Services Patty Thomas Assistant to the DPS Director (810)-225-8309
Public Services Marcel Goch DPS Director (810)-225-9282
Public Services Daren Collins Public Works Superintendent (810)-225-9284
Public Services Josh Bradley Regulatory Compliance Superintendent (810)-844-5112
Public Services Corey Brooks Deputy DPS Director (810)-844-5113
Finance Gretchen Gomolka Finance Director (810)-225-9283
Finance Colleen Barton Assessor (810)-225-8024
Finance Laura Hoshaw Treasurer (810)-225-8023
Finance Jennifer Kirksey Accounts Payable (810)-227-0179
Community Development Jim O'Connor Rental Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer (810)-225-9257
City Manager Henry Outlaw Assistant to the City Manager (810)-225-9025
Community Development Julie McDonell Community Development Clerk (810)-225-8019
Finance Denise Cureton Utility Billing Clerk (810)-225-8041