Boards & Commissions

Arts & Culture Commission
Susan Gardner, Councilmember
Brenda Ochodnicky, Chairperson
Jeri Kay Thomas
Mara Ikens

Board of Review
Jim Grzelak
Derek Daskaluk
Shannon Frydl
Susan Gloster, Alternate

Building Authority
David Chaundy

City/Genoa Township Advisory Committee
City of Brighton Representatives:
Jim Muzzin, Councilmember
Mike Craine, Livingston County Road Commission, Chair
Robert Pawlowski, PC Member

Genoa Township Representatives:
Bill Rogers, Genoa Township Supervisor
Mike Archinal, Genoa Township Manager
Planning Commission Member
Township Trustee

Downtown Development Authority/Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
Scott Griffith
Ashley Israel
Lisa Nelson, Vice-Chair
Mark Binkley
Bob Herbst
Jon Emaus, Councilmember/Secretary 
Shawn Pipoly, Mayor
Dave Beauchamp
Tim Corrigan, Chair
Alex Pushman
Kathleen London
Bill Albert
Pam McConeghy
Piet Lindhout, Design Consultant

Election Commission
Michelle Petrak

Environmental Control Facility Operation Board
Ron Lowe
Ruth Ronnie
Bob Hughes, Alternate
Jim Muzzin, Councilmember
Paul Rentschler, Huron River Watershed Council

Huron River Water Shed Representative
Susan Monet

Officer's Compensation Commission
Kate Lawrence
Nancy Scoble
Renee Pettengill

Planning Commission
Steve Monet
Matt Smith, Chairperson
Bill Bryan, Secretary
David Petrak, Vice Chairperson
Susan Gardner, Mayor Pro Tem
James Bohn, Councilmember
Michael Schutz
Ken Schmenk
Chuck Hundley

Traffic Safety Advisory Board
James Bohn, Council member
Marcel Goch, DPS Director
Robert Bradford, Police Chief
Renee Pettengill, Councilmember
Chuck Flood, Resident
TTMPS, Engineers
Matt Smith, Planning Commission Member

Zoning Board of Appeals
David Chaundy, Vice Chairperson
Alicia Urbain, Chairperson
Caitlyn Perry Dial
Renee Pettengill,  Councilmember
Jordan Genso
Barbara Curtis (Alternate)
Michael Schutz