City Council

Adopted Vision & Goal Statements

True to its heritage, the City of Brighton is an exemplary community that embraces and engages residents, businesses, and institutions. The City will continue this collaborative spirit and pursue enhanced partnerships to enrich the built environment, promote well-being, and nurture physical and social connections, while preserving fiscally sustainable core service delivery.   

Goal Statements:
    1. Fiscal responsibility is an expectation of constituents to be applied by City Council and City Administration.
    2. Exemplary services are a source of pride that will be pursued by balancing community priorities and fiscal restraint.
    3. Environmentally responsible practices are to be promoted and the City's natural spaces protected and enjoyed.
    4. An engaged, connected, and valued citizenry is a hallmark that sets Brighton apart from its peers.
    5. The well-being of the community will be protected by service-oriented officers and administrative staff through conscientious policy making that underscores health and safety. 
    6. The community will be enhanced by well-suited residential and commercial redevelopment. 
    7. Citizens will have access to resources that support an active and socially enriched lifestyle.