Construction & Improvement Projects

Building a higher quality public street system through data-driven prioritization and restricted funding.

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Northwest Neighborhoods
2021 - 2023
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rickett p2 map
Rickett Rd. - Phase 2

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Downtown Streetscape
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grass map
Grand River Ave (& Side Streets)

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How Do I Stay Up to Date?

You can receive the latest updates on these projects by: 

You can always contact us directly at:

  • Contact City Hall/DPS
  • City Main Phone Number - 810-227-1911
  • DPS Phone Number - 810-225-8001

Funding Sources
On the May 7, 2019 ballot, City of Brighton voters approved a Headlee Override Millage Proposal for Public Street and Related Infrastructure Improvements.  At a City Council meeting shortly after the successful election, City Council committed these funds to the reconstruction and maintenance of public (local) streets and related infrastructure. 

The City will use these restricted funds to complete public street repair and replacement projects, prioritized by available data and annually-updated capital plans. The City will communicate progress consistently and account separately for all investments through a restricted fund, outside of existing general operations. City Council have approved the necessary budget amendments and construction planning for the first two years of road work. Please stay tuned for updates here on our website as the planning phase comes together.

All Projects Timeline
projects timeline

All Projects Map

  green box = Completed Projects
  red box =  Project Year 2021
  orange box =  Project Year 2022
  yellow box =  Project Year 2023